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    Data Management & Business Intelligence

    iGreen includes best-in-class data management, visualization and reporting functions and features which have been implemented extensively across the water and energy sectors.

    Over the years we have established a repository of sector-specific tools and templates (reports, dashboards etc.) which help our clients accelerate system implementation time.

    Key components of the iGreen Data Management, Reporting and Visualization functionality:

    Report Generator – iGreen includes a best-in-class reporting engine that enables user-friendly and intuitive report generation without the need for programming expertise.
    The iGreen reporting module is based on real-time analysis of the facility and its performance to ensure insightful decision-making.


    Real-time Web and Mobile Dashboards – 

    • iGreen includes modern Web and mobile client dashboards that provide user-friendly data visualization and analysis features.
    • iGreen Web dashboards allow viewing real-time data utilizing a variety of graphical representation tools, including trend line, bar charts, pie charts, scatter charts, gauges, clock, value and table displays, matrix widget, status widget, statistical widget, iFrame, and more.


    iGreen dashboard


    iGreen dashboard


    Map View

    • iGreen can display a visual representation of the current situation (or relevant parameters from multiple sites) across locations.


    Event Management

    iGreen’s rules-based event management system (EMS) can be used to manage events efficiently and accurately based on pre-defined rules. The supporting rules engine offers a convenient interface for defining rules and events triggers.

    • Filtering events according to multiple attributes, such as: priority, severity, role/team groups, event status, and more
    • Drilling down to action items per event conducted automatically by pre-defined hierarchy
    • Storing unlimited volumes of historical events
    • Supporting diverse reporting options in combination with online and historical data (e.g. diagnosis of the source of the event and the impact of the event on the follow-on behavior of the site)
    • Using alerts as triggers for report distribution (email or SMS)
    • Importing alerts from external platforms such as SCADA and SIEM/SOC



    Lab & Sampling

    An end-to-end Lab & Sampling management solution that includes the following components:

    • Sampling program preparation and management – sample plan, allocation, workflow, monitoring
    • Field mobile application – user-friendly mobile app supporting the work of field sampling (recording and signoff, ticket printing, allocation to lab)
    • Laboratory data management – sample status, prioritization and workload management, sampling plan preparation and monitoring


    Maintenance Management

    Equipment and preventive maintenance, and quality assurance, are critical components of infrastructure management. With iGreen’s Maintenance Management component, infrastructure facilities can easily, efficiently and effectively evaluate their assets to schedule equipment maintenance processes. In addition, trend reports can be run for maintenance forecasting and QA inspections, all to ensure maximum infrastructure robustness and efficiency.

    The Maintenance Management component offers both web and mobile interfaces for tracking and managing preventative and breakdown maintenance tasks.