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    Advanced Analytics

      To enable insightful data-driven decision making, IOSight offers proprietary algorithm development functionally as well as a suite of off-the-shelf expert modules.

      The system utilizes analytical tools applied on top of historical operational data, equipment design features and other relevant types of data for various purposes:

      • Anomaly detection
      • Early fault prediction
      • Operational optimization

      Algorithm Builder

      The built-in Algorithm Builder is an embeded algorithm engine that gives the system its powerful analytical computing power. Combined with the expertise and operational needs of water and energy utilities, users can create and edit algorithms at any time.


      Algorithm-Based Expert Modules

      Utilizing the proprietary Algorithm Builder, industry expertise, and experience, we developed and implemented several off-the-shelf analytical solutions:

      iShed : An algorithm-based solution for water quality monitoring and water security in rivers and watersheds. iShed was co-developed by IOSight and Mekorot, Israel’s national water company for reliable pollution detection and speed of propagation calculation in watersheds. iShed’s algorithm eliminates 95% of false alarms.

      iWT/iWWT : This decision support system for water and wastewater treatment plants recommends the optimized operational mode of key elements: chemical dosing and large energy consumers.

      iDetect : Early fault detection engine for predictive maintenance, process, and quality anomalies.

      iNET : Real-time water balances in district metered areas (DMAs) and water-loss decision support based on online water balances and minimum night flow (MNF)

      iSecure : Detection and monitoring of suspicious malicious interventions through anomaly detection and infrastructure data inconsistencies.


        See a recent presentation we gave at the SDG 6 Theater at WEFTEC 2021, including case studies focusing on utilization of advanced analytics for optimization of wastewater treatment and water reuse operations.