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    Atlantica Digital and IOSight Sign a Partnership Agreement

    Atlantica Digital and IOSight have signed a partnership to approach the water utilities and authorities Market in Italy and other countries.

    Through the integration of IOSight‘s solutions into its products portfolio Atlantica Digital will offer best-in-class water-specific smart metering, data management and analytics solutions to the Water Utilities Market and authorities in Italy and other countries.

    The partnership will create a unique combination of product leadership (IOSight & Atlantica Digital) and local outreach, implementation, and customer success management capabilities (Atlantica Digital).

    The joint value proposition will enable water entities in realizing true data-driven water management.


    I believe that the partnership with IOsight is strategic for expanding Atlantica Digital’s offer aimed at companies that operate in the management of water networks and in the distribution of water; this will mean important investments in the coming months, to meet the needs of the country system with the scope of optimizing and saving water resources.” – Pierre Levy, Atlantica Digital’s President.


    The partnership between Atlantica and IOSight will help water and wastewater utilities and authorities accelerate their digital transformation efforts, and realize the vision of comprehensive data-driven water management” – Natan Zuta, IOSight’s CEO.


    Atlantica Digital Profile

    Atlantica Digital is a leader in ICT transformation, virtualization and consolidation, business continuity and disaster recovery projects and can boast a track record of successes.

    Present on the national territory with the head quarter in Rome and office in Milan, Atlantica Digital has a staff of 200 employees and an industrial plan focused on areas of greatest development such as Digital Transformation, Cyber Security and Smart Metering with particular attention to the rapidly evolving water sector.

    In line with the industrial plan, Atlantica Digital has developed innovative solutions and products in the Smart Metering, Digital Solution, Machine Learning, IoT, Cyber ​​Security and Next Generation SOC managed services fields with the birth, in July 2020, of Atlantica Cybersecurity.


    IOSight Profile

    IOSight is a leading provider of data management and analytics solutions for utilities with over 100 installations worldwide. Our solutions include the iGreen best-in-class data management and BI platform and a suite of advanced analytics modules for surface water quality monitoring, optimization of water and wastewater treatment plants, water supply network optimization, non-revenue water in distribution systems, and early fault detection.