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    A new deployment of iGreen at the Sorek B desalination plant.


    Exciting news ! We’re thrilled to announce the successful deployment of our data analytics platform at the Sorek B desalination plant. Producing a staggering 672,000 cubic meters per day, Sorek B ranks among the largest SWRO facilities globally.
    Our iGreen system offers a suite of online dashboards and diagnostic reports, enabling real-time normalization of RO performance and timely anomaly alerts. It’s become indispensable for managing such a complex facility.
    In a testament to our commitment to long-term partnerships, IOSight collaborates closely with the Israel Water Authority (WDA). As part of this alliance, iGreen is also implemented at the @WDA HQ, serving as a centralized ‘system of systems’ gathering data from all six mega desalination plants.
    Thanks to the dedication of our team and the support of our partners, IOSight continues to drive innovation in water technology.