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    IOSight’s core iGreen system safely, systematically, and reliably collects large amounts of designated data via a variety of interfaces. The collected data is cleaned, validated, and stored in a modeled SQL database, where it is processed, analyzed, restored and presented in the form of meaningful significant outputs, including reports, online dashboards, and decision support tools.

    iGreen dashboard

    iGreen dashboard

    iGreen is a foundational component of any water system’s digital twin. Employing unique and field-tested algorithms, iGreen collects and analyzes data from a wide variety of disparate sources (SCADA/HMI, sensors, meters, lab, spreadsheets, and manual inputs). It then models the facility’s data sources (filtering out unnecessary data) and presents only the relevant information in highly visual reports and dashboard displays using easy-to-understand graphs, diagrams, and tables. The reports can be configured and customized in a matter of seconds, without any development skills.

    iGreen incorporates wide-ranging expert knowledge in the areas of water, desalination, water balance, wastewater treatment, and energy. With iGreen, engineering companies and integration projects can establish an effective data management and analytics capabilities in a short time while demonstrating immediate cost savings and improved production.
    To achieve the required security in managing sensitive information, iGreen isolates critical data between the managerial/administrative and the operational/active control networks.

    IOSight’s decision support systems are focused on ensuring quality and safety, and reducing expenses through anomaly detection, early fault prediction and operational optimization algorithms.

    Utilizing iGreen’s embedded algorithm builder, IOSight has developed focused off-the-shelf advanced analytics solutions for the water sector.


    iShed – An integrated system for real-time water quality monitoring in rivers and watersheds

    Responding to the world’s most pressing needs for protecting water resources, ensuring water quality, and developing and sustaining effective water and wastewater treatment operations, IOSight has developed dedicated data management and analytics solutions for surface water and environmental operations.

    iShed is an algorithm-based solution for real-time water quality monitoring in rivers and watersheds. iShed provides reliable pollution detection and speed of propagation calculation in watersheds.
    The iShed algorithm eliminates 95% of false alarms.

    Water quality index


    iGreen’s Web and mobile dashboards, reports, and GIS displays serve as iShed’s solid foundation. The system integrates automatic online data, semi-automatic data collection, and manual data feeds and has multiple dashboards and reporting displays to present and analyze values.

    Web and Mobile water quality dashboards

    Water quality dashboard

    iGreen mobile dashboards new

    iShed has been operational at the Jordan River and Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret) watershed since 2017.
    It has already provided reliable early warning alarms of contamination that could have affected the supply of fresh water in Israel.

    iShed is being deployment in the Chicago River as part of H2NOW Chicago – a first-of-its-kind real-time water quality monitoring program led by Current.

    For more information see this video by Guy Meiri, IOSight’s VP of Business Development.

    iWT/iWWT – For the optimal mode of use of water treatment and wastewater treatment plants

    iWT/iWWT are decision support systems for water treatment plants (WTPs) and wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) . These systems are aimed  at assisting plant operators in adjusting their mode of operation to improve performance while maintaining target production volumes with the required quality level. The decision support algorithms are based on an analysis of historical demand data (flow, load), equipment performance, and predictive short-term analysis.

    Key areas of operational optimization include:

    • Operational mode of heavy energy consumers – pumps in WTPs and blowers in WWTPs
    • Chemical dosing – minimizing the use of chemicals in WTPs and WWTPs and tightening the margins by forecasting the reaction of chemical dosing related to the water quality while meeting with the regulated criteria


    iWT – Optimal Mode of Use – Chemicals

    DSS Chemicals

    iWT – Optimal Mode of Use – Energy

    iDetect is a configurable time-series analysis-based platform, designated to highlight exceptional events that a human eye cannot detect and scan the automation network – specifically in areas that are not under the spotlight.

    iDetect Dashboard

    Main uses – Early fault detection:

    • Quality anomaly detection
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Performance forecaster


    • Study the curve and the standard/normal/expected behavior
    • Alert on exceptions
    • Grouping of resembling parameters to configure events easily


    • Define seasonal recurrence
    • Detect and attach influence between parameters
    • Multiple sets of events variables to eliminate false positives and quarantine non-confirmed alerts
    • Smart ‘learning’ algorithm that adjusts according to field results

    Outputs and display

    • Ad-hoc views for exploring suspected tags
    • Event management platform, presenting both the trigger source and its background and history
    • Map view

    Cybersecurity detection algorithms for water utilities

    Solutions for detection and monitoring of suspected malicious interventions through engineering anomaly detection and infrastructure data inconsistencies.

    Water balances in district metered areas (DMAs)

    An expert module that provides an online, real-time indication of the water loss per DMA, calculating and comparing DMA results to “normal demand behavior” (based on measured consumption profile history), and enabling access to reports and unlimited historical data, all in accordance with different levels of sensors & data available for collection (SCADA, AMR, CRM, remote flow meters, and more).