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    Watersheds & Rivers

    Responding to the world’s most pressing needs to protect water resources, ensure water quality, and develop and sustain effective water and wastewater treatment operations, IOSight has developed dedicated data management and analytics solutions for surface water and environmental operations.

    Situational Awareness

    Based on the iGreen platform IOSight developed a set of dashboarding, reporting and event management tools to provide situational awareness related to water quality indicators in watersheds and river basins.

    Pollution Detection & Speed of Propagation Prediction

    iShed is IOSight’s algorithm-based system for water quality monitoring and water security in rivers and watersheds. iShed was co-developed by IOSight and Mekorot, Israel’s national water company, and provides reliable pollution detection and speed of propagation calculation in watersheds. iShed’s algorithm eliminates 95% of false alarms.

    Case Study

    Monitoring Quality of the Water of the Jordan River & the Sea of Galilee

    Monitoring _Quality_of_the_Water_of_the_Jordan_River_and_Sea_of_Galilee_case_study


    Jointly developed by Mekorot and IOSight, iShed is installed at the Jordan River & Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret) watershed and has been operational since 2017. It has already provided reliable early warning alarms related to contamination that could have affected water quality in the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee, which are major water resources in Israel.

    Main Features

    The system enables continuous monitoring and detection of contamination of water sources, sends alerts in real-time while providing estimations for downstream contamination propagation along the northern river basin (the Jordan River watershed) flowing into the Sea of Galilee.


    “iShed provides us with the critical ability to ensure surface water quality through continuous monitoring of the Sea of Galilee watershed and highly accurate and actionable alerts regarding suspected contamination in the watershed”


    Dr. Meir Rom, Head, Department of Lake Kinneret and its Watershed, Mekorot.


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    Mekorot – Israel National Water Company