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    Water Treatment Plants

    Solutions for Water Treatment Plants

    AI based Optimization module in an RO facility

    iGreen optimization provides hourly recommendations for the optimal mode of operation, displayed conveniently on the screen for easy operator input.

    Business Intelligence and Data Management

    • Real-time Web and mobile dashboards
    • Standard and customized reports, including: daily newspapers for executives, energy management, chemical consumption, regulatory compliance related reports, process monitoring, and more
    • Rule-based event management with multiple alerting options
      (text, mobile, email)
    • Preventive maintenance

    Algorithm-Based Decision Support Systems

    • iWT: operational optimization of large energy and chemical consumers

    MEKOROT central water treatment plant

    ocated in the low Galilee district, the Eshkol filtration plant is a world class large facility, treating water from the sea of Galilee and conveying it through a long canal and pipelines.
    The 1st phase of the project is focused on a wide range of KPI’s supporting the overall process and operational aspects of the plant.
    The 2nd phase, which was kicked-off in May, is aiming to optimize the plant challenging chlorination and energy policies.
    Israel is relying more and more on its seawater desalination plant, which ironically turns this WTP to be even more important as a balancing factor, a huge storage and a reduced energy water resource.