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    Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Solutions for Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Business Intelligence and Data Management

    • Real-time Web and mobile dashboards
    • Standard and customized reports, including daily newspapers for executives, energy management, chemical consumption, regulatory compliance related reports, process monitoring, and more
    • Rule-based event management with multiple alerting options
      (text, mobile, email)
    • Preventive maintenance

    Algorithm-Based Decision Support Systems

    • iWWT: operational optimization of large energy and chemical consumers

    Case Study

    The Shafdan Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Shafdan WWTP


    Established in 1977, Shafdan is the largest wastewater treatment plant in Israel, treating approximately 145 million cubic meters of wastewater a year. iGreen has been operational at Shafdan since 2010.

    Since 2015, the plant has undergone upgrades estimated at more than NIS 1 billion, including a new pre-treatment facility, a new giant sludge treatment plant with thermophilic anaerobic digesters, and a thickening and dewatering facility.

    IOSight’s iGreen system

    Since 2017, together with a newly appointed Shafdan management team, the iGreen system has become Shadan’s center of operations and its main decision support system. iGreen provides sets of engineering reports and online dashboards to support the overall management of the plant.


    ““It is inconceivable for us to grasp how we would have managed our facility and implemented the ‘giant’ projects in recent years without the iGreen management platform. From the superintendent on the operations floor to the plant managers, the system is used on a daily and hourly basis and turns automation language into decisions.”


    Efrat Cohen, Chief Engineer