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Delivering best-in-class data management and analytics for the water and energy sectors

IOSight is a leading provider of data management and analytics, specializing in the utilities sector.

IOSight provides proven industry-specific solutions for water and energy utilities and delivers a variety of benefits including water quality monitoring, cost reduction, productivity improvement, and regulatory compliance.

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IOSight’s core iGreen system safely, systematically, and reliably, collects large amounts of designated data via a variety of interfaces. The collected data is cleaned, validated, and stored in a modeled SQL database, where it is processed, analyzed, restored, and presented in the form of meaningful significant outputs, including reports, online dashboards and decision support tools.

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Algorithm-based solution for water quality monitoring and water security in rivers and watersheds.



Decision support systems for water and wastewater treatment plants.



A configurable time-series analysis-based solution, designated to highlight exceptional events that a human eye cannot detect.



Real-time water balances in district metered areas (DMAs) and managerial water-loss decision support.



Cyber security related data anomalies and inconsistencies.

Recent Projects

Deployment iGreen at the Sorek B desalination plant.


Rapac Energy: Implementation of Decision support commerce balance application

Commissioned in 2017, the 2 northern combined cycle power plants and the 2 shore PP that were acquired later, are governed by Rapac’s corporate using the iGreen system. The valuable data which was collected for many years, was validated as a by-product of using the system by multiple users (commercial, operational).
This made it easier for the client’s team and for the IOSight team to take the next step and build a powerful decision-support commerce balance application that indicates in real-time on the best combination of production resources VS industrial consumers/ demand.
The objective was to track and calculate the trading and purchase of electricity among different suppliers for four remote stations – Ramat Gabriel, Alon Tavor, Sorak, and Ashkelon. The system collects data related to electricity production from various data sources. The collected information undergoes various algorithms within the system to support day-to-day decisions in regard to volumes of production and purchase and sale of electricity.


Nevada Irrigation District (NID)

We are proud of the successful implementation of a central data collection system and the Nevada Irrigation District.
The iGreen platform unites data from NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration gauges), the hydroelectric facility SCADA and the water treatment facility SCADA. It provides insights into the performance of the entire region while extracting data from other engineering software solutions currently in use.


IWWT- TEVA Croatia

TEVA chose green as the Data management and optimization process for the local wastewater treatment plant at the Pliva Croatia facility.

TEVA is using iGreen AI capabilities for improving operational processes.


Delivery of an RO CIP optimization platform to ICL power plant

We are very proud of our recent successful initial delivery of an RO CIP optimization platform at ICL power plant RO unit.The platform is collecting PI/ Scada data, adds laboratory data, and recommends on potential CIPs based on the trade-off between the membrane life cycle, energy consumption, and production constraints.IOSight received numerous projects in the industrial sector recently, and it is clear now, that this is a trend – probably as a result of the increasing costs of water and energy and the strong momentum of the ESG trend.


Smart Water Management for Companhia Águas de Joinville

IOSight is proud to announce that, under a contract we signed with the Inter-American Development Bank (“IDB”), we have begun supporting Companhia Águas de Joinville (“CAJ”) in Brazil on a pilot project focused on improving the operational efficiency of CAJ’s water supply system and water quality management through the application of smart data management and analysis systems.

Rio Cachoeira (38)

iDetect – Early Fault Detection for Desalination Facility Pumps

IOSight’s iDetect module is now analyzing the vibrations of major pumps in three of Israel large scale desalination plants. The module provides real time statistical analysis and push alerts warning of future malfunctions of machinery.

iDetect dashboard

iGreen installation at Las Virgenes Municipal Water District

We are proud to announce that we have recently completed the installation of our iGreen platform at Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD) in Southern California. iGreen provides an array of dashboards and reports related to the LVMWD Reservoir, Westlake Filtration Plant and the potable water distribution network.

LVMWD Reservoir
Photo Courtesy of Las Virgenes Municipal Water District

Chicago Department of Water Management (Jardine Water Purification Plant and Sawyer Water Purification Plant)

IOSight recently deployed its iGreen water management platform at the Chicago Department of Water Management, providing sets of managerial reports and dashboards for both facilities, which are among the largest in the world. The platform is integrated by Concentric Integration, the local automation and control integrator.


Chicago River Water Quality Monitoring

IOSight provides its iGreen data management system which will be supplemented by the iShed predictive analytics module in order to analyze various factors that influence water quality and derive insights based on both historical and real time water quality data in the Chicago River.

H2NOW Chicago, a Current-led initiative and first-of-its-kind pilot project in the US is breaking new ground by monitoring Chicago River microbial pollution levels in real time.

The pilot program is designed to specifically measure fecal coliforms, bacteria that originate from warm-blooded animal feces and can spread in waterways from large events (like sewage overflows) or less conspicuous point sources (such as surface runoff that picks up animal feces left on the ground).

See the H2NOW Chicago Case Study here.


Mekorot, The Granot BWRO

Installed in 2019, the iGreen system collects data from multiple BWRO facilities located in Israel’s inland area, and functions as a system-of-systems. The installation is part of a large plan to fully computerize the overall BWRO systems in Israel and offers a full reporting and dashboarding package to address regulatory reporting demands, optimize operations and performance and support logistic and pre-billing needs.

Mekorot is a wholly-owned government company and operates a range of activities in the areas of water supply, ware resource management, water quality, water security, desalination, wastewater treatment and more.

photography by Naftali Hilger

GreenTech, Remote RO Facility Data Management and Analytics Center

The iGreen system was initially installed in early 2019 and delivered in July 2019. The system collects data from remote facilities located in different regions in China that serve either as stand-alone systems or as a part of a process within an integrated purification system.
The project focused on creating a KPI environment for the operators and Beijing-based HQ management, and sets of process supporting reports, distributed automatically on a daily/monthly basis. The project’s next phase will focus on the definition and integration of the iGreen Event Management System (EMS) to detect anomalies.
Founded In 2004, GreenTech Environmental Co.,Ltd is the leading membrane application in advanced water treatment and waste-to-resources company. In 2018, GreenTech was ranked as “Global TOP 15 Desalination and Water Reuse Project Developer” by GWI.


The Gilboa Pumped Storage Facility

Located on the northeast side of Israel, this renewable energy plant is a complex, cutting-edge technology facility, comprised of various energy and water technologies from hydroelectric PP to water treatment and an enormous pumping mechanism. iGreen is used for supporting owner’s inspection of the O&M contractor, while dealing with strict complicated billing contractual procedure. iGreen’s wide range of data collection and normalization capabilities together with a strong efficient database and diverse set of business intelligence and rule-based engines enable the creation of situational dashboarding, invoicing and regulatory compliance reports.


News & Events


Today we delivered the 1st phase of our data management and analytics project at the MEKOROT central water treatment plant.

Today we delivered the 1st phase of our data management and analytics project at the MEKOROT®central water treatment plant.


New iGreen implementation with GE renewable energy arm

We are excited to deliver its iGreen project at the Ashalim thermal-solar plant.


The New Analysis Engine of iGreen.

We are excited to announce the renovated Analysis Engine of the #iGreen, Data Management and AI platform!


A new deployment of iGreen at the Sorek B desalination plant.

Exciting news ! We're thrilled to announce the successful deployment of our data analytics platform at the Sorek B desalination plant. Producing a staggering 672,000 cubic meters per day, Sorek B ranks among the largest SWRO facilities globally.

Las Virgenes Municipal Water District Tapia Water Reclamation Facility

LVMWD expands the iGreen platform to its WWTP planet in Tapia

We are excited to announce our continued collaboration with our esteemed client, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD)! 🤝 We are proud to extend our partnership and introduce a new project that marks a significant milestone in our journey together.


A new iGreen project has been launched with the Gulf Coast Water Authority

A new iGreen project has been launched with the Golf Coast Water Authority